Marketing for the 21rst Century

With the introduction of new, high profile printed buckets combined with color-coordinated literature, Weather Bos™ is once again on the cutting edge of product marketing and consumer recognition.

Each of our six (6) new one and five gallon buckets sport full color graphics, with bold, eye-grabbing designs. This new product line simplifies the consumer's choice of which product to use to two words: Deck Boss. Masonry Boss. Roof Boss. Marine Boss. Log Boss. The Boss. In addition, complimentary literature explains in detail specific directions for use, clean up and maintenance for each product.

"Fast Track Marketing" is not a new concept. Mention "Coca Cola" and their famous red and white logo immediately comes to mind. What would "Nike" shoes be without their swooping check graphic and name recognition? Weather Bos™, already internationally recognized for superior products and our in-depth, informational world wide web site, is moving into the 21rst century by increasing our household name recognition throughout the world. Our new product line and literature are designed to catch the consumers attention so they will become educated and satisfied customers.

Imagine walking into the cereal section of any supermarket, where you are faced with a plethora of cereals for any taste. If you are seeking a breakfast cereal, most likely the first thing that catches your eye is "Corn Flakes" or "Cheerios" due to product identification, or the name "Kellogg's" due to name recognition. As you continue to look, you will gradually see other lesser known brands or products.

Now imagine walking into the paint section at your local hardware store or lumberyard. You are confronted by rows and rows of non-descript products, which at best is often chaotic. If you are seeking a protectant for your roof, which product will stand out on the shelf? What would you buy to protect your brick patio or your sailboat?

The coatings and paint industry has been deficient on product identification and consumer education regarding the correct choice of products for specific projects or applications. Often the sales clerk will not be informed as to which product will work the most effectively on, for example, a tile or composition roof, a ten-year old log home or a deteriorating concrete wall. Due to the new line of Weather Bos™ products, the choice of which product to use clearly stands out in the product name to both the consumer and the sales clerk, who is now armed with full-color informational brochures about each specific Weather Bos™ product.

We look forward to an increasing loyal domestic and international customer base by offering a specific, environmentally safe product for a specific task. We know that consumers need environmentally safe alternatives for protecting and beautifying their homes, property and other valuable possessions. Weather Bos™ is pleased to offer our expanded product line to the domestic and world market.

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