At Weather Bos™ we are committed to supplying our customers with quality products and services at a level desired by our customers. We will attain this level of customer satisfaction through a Total Quality Management Program. We believe that quality improvement is a never ending journey and our Total Quality Management Program will involve all employees at all levels of the company. We will strive for continuous improvement towards our ultimate mission of being a World Class Manufacturer.

To accomplish this goal, Weather Bos™ will do the following:

Require that all levels of Weather Bos™ personnel are fully committed to quality. Quality is everyone's responsibility and our future is dependent upon maintaining a position of quality leadership.

We will teach problem cause and effect analysis, as required, in order to create a defect prevention approach to quality rather than defect detection.

We will continue working with our suppliers to maintain a mutually dependent lasting relationship of quality control.

We will continue to strive for product cost reductions by improvements in quality. At Weather Bos™, we believe that when quality goes up, costs go down.

We will maintain a cooperative environment for teamwork and mutual problem solving among all employees.

We will design and manufacture our products with the emphasis on total quality by considering safety, fitness for use, performance, and reliability.

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