Weather Bos® is the most revolutionary environmentally safe paint & finish product on the market today. Weather Bos® literally has millions of uses from childrens toys to commercial buildings. We use only natural, easy to apply ingredients, which create a monolithic bond to protect against all methods of deterioration, including UV damage.

All our formulas are low odor, water reducible, non flammable, and contain sunscreens, trans-oxides, and/or U.V. stabilizers to help reduce damage due to climatic conditions. Weather Bos® was developed to counteract all the methods of deterioration of exterior and interior surfaces, while providing long-term protection & dimensional stabilization. Our premium blends of natural oils and resins are designed to penetrate and bond, forming a durable and beautiful finish for quality -conscious consumers and applicators.
We are committed to maintaining the development and production of the finest quality, environmentally-safe paints and finishes that exceed customer expectations and make our world a safer place to live. Enjoy your time on our website and hopefully you will walk away with an education from a product that is truly AMAZING !

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Our six unique products are:

Protecting your home and investments was hard work...until now! With
Weather Bos®, toxic fumes, dangerous fungicides, and other hazardous ingredients are the technology of the past.

Masonry Boss: Waterproofs and protects surfaces such as brick, adobe, concrete, tile and rock

Deck Boss: Protects, weatherproofs and beautifies all types of decks

Log Boss:
Natural and tinted finishes for all species of wood logs. A superior product for log homes.

Roof Boss
: Tough protection for wood, tile, fiberglass and composition roofs.

Marine Boss: Weatherproofs and protects most boats and outdoor fabrics, including sailcloth.

The Boss
: The original Weather Bos®--for all wood surfaces, awnings, furniture, spas and much more!

Here is a partial list of the many uses for WeatherBos® products
You can click on the item to find out more!

Adobe , Awnings ,Barns, Sheds and Outbuildings

Boats ,Brick

Cabinets , Camping Gear

Cedar , Concrete , Concrete Buildings

Decks , Docks

Fences . Fiberglass

Fiberglass Boats

Furniture , Gazebos

Hot Tubs and Spas

Interior Wood , Log Homes

Marine, Masonry Metal

Pine ,Play Ground Equipment


There are literally MILLIONS of other uses!

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