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I have a stone pathway in my garden, and an outdoor area with a tiled floor and stone wall. Can I use Masonry Boss™ on all of these surfaces?

Yes. Masonry Boss™ only requires one coat to protect and waterproof stone and tiled surfaces. However, the surface must be clean and dry prior to application, and the air temperature should be above 72º F ( 22º C.)

My company contracted to build a large industrial center, and we need a product to protect the textured concrete walls. Would your product be effective and economical for application on such a large scale project?

You can quickly and effectively protect large areas by applying Masonry Boss™ with airless sprayers. To achieve a custom color on masonry we recommend using The Boss™ clear with an approved pigment such as Huls 896 added to acquire your chosen color. Apply as many coats as necessary in direct sunlight and heat of the day to achieve desired finish. We offer price discounts for large orders, and complete technical support.

Can I add a color to Masonry Boss™?

Masonry Boss™ is designed as a clear, odorless formula to protect masonry in one coat. To achieve a custom color on masonry we recommend using The Boss™ clear formula with an approved pigment such as Huls 896 added to acquire your chosen color. Apply as many coats as necessary in direct sunlight and heat of the day to achieve desired finish.

In the state of New York we have a serious problem. Will your product help to prevent deterioration of concrete overpasses due to extreme temperature changes?

Care of concrete and other masonry in extreme temperature conditions is critical, due to the destructive freeze/thaw cycle, and rusting of reinforcement steel. Water seeps into the surface and then freezes when the temperature drops, causing cracking and weakening of the structure. Masonry Boss™ is specifically designed to stop this problem by preventing water droplets from penetrating into the substrate but allowing the constantly forming moisture vapors to pass through the substrate. The effectiveness of Masonry Boss™ is in no way affected by either very low or very high temperatures after proper preparation. An ongoing maintenance program will protect the surface for many years.

The concrete walls of our home have a white chalky powder on various locations on the outside surface. What can I do to prevent this?

Deterioration of any surface is caused by exposure to harmful climatic conditions. Due to its porous nature, concrete is especially susceptible to water penetration. The white chalky film is efflorescence which is the direct result of water that has penetrated the concrete and then gravitated to the surface. The water joins molecularly with the alkali, salts, and other minerals in the concrete and then deposits the crystals (white residue) on the outer surface as it dries. Gravity flow always pulls the water downward, which is why the highest concentration of discoloration appears on the lower edges. In order to prevent your problem you must thoroughly clean the surface of all dirt and residue and then apply 1 heavy coat of Masonry Bos™ in direct sunlight to all exposed concrete. This causes the Masonry Boss™ to set up quickly, creating a barrier against water absorption.

My kitchen floor and counters are marble and tile, which I'd like to protect from damage. Which product do would you recommend?

Masonry Boss™ is an effective protectant for both marble and tile surfaces, and will also seal and protect your grout from chipping and cracking. Be sure all surfaces are clean and dry prior to application.

We have a below grade basement with concrete block walls which allows moisture to form on the inside walls and floor during the rainy season. Will Masonry Boss™ correct this problem?

Masonry Boss™ will help, however it will not completely solve the problem until you apply product to both sides of the walls, to prevent the water from penetrating from the outside.

We have a gambling casino with attached accommodations, including hot tubs and spa area which has tile and grout flooring. What can we do to help protect the grout and tile from stains and deterioration?

Masonry Boss™ will help eliminate the problem. The secret is to properly clean all surfaces with a high pressure washer and/or a strong cleaning agent to remove all existing stains, dirt and blemishes. When the surface is completely dry, apply one heavy coat of Masonry Boss™. If white milky spots appear there, there is still moisture contained within the substrate. These spots will disappear as the water evaporates. Masonry Boss™ is designed to prevent moisture droplets or standing water from penetrating, while allowing moisture vapors to pass through.

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